About Us

Uptrend Kennels … the quiet achievers

Breeders of Portuguese Water Dogs.

We breed for health and soundness, type and temperament.


My daughter Sarah and I have a 30 acre property on which we have our Portuguese Water Dogs.
We have been owned by the breed for 18 years and have enjoyed every moment!

Our dear friends Christeen Moore and Roy Malinder gave us our first Porty – Abby.
We showed her and she was with us for 15 years. That was our start in the breed.

From there we went on to import our next dog from Illona Griffon in the Netherlands – Archer a curly male.

Abby and Archer were the foundation of our breeding and the two we still miss so much to this day.

They gave us a stable start into the breed.

All of our dogs are health tested and copies of the test results are available.

We are happy to provide on-going help, support and information to all our puppy owners or to people interested in the breed.

The Portuguese Water Dog is non shedding and low allergenic to many people with allergies.

It is a highly intelligent dog, strong and self-willed.

It needs plenty of exercise and regular grooming.

It is not a dog that will suit everybody.